Perpetual Access Holdings

TermPerpetual Access Holdings
CategoryTerms Defined Entity Perpetual Rights Group
DefinitionThe dates of coverage for which perpetual rights are available and agreed upon in the legal contract
Sample"In the event of cancellation, Licensee may continue to access the Licensor's server to retrieve that portion of the Licensed Materials under subscription during the terms of this agreement. Term defined as beginning 3/1/2004 for ensuing 1

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    • The first-sale doctrine is known as exhaustion of rights in other countries and is a principle which applies to other intellectual property rights. In addition, copyright, in most cases, does not prohibit one from acts such as modifying, defacing, or destroying his or her own legitimately obtained copies of copyrighted works, so long as duplication is not involved. However, in countries that implement moral rights, a copyright holder can in some cases successfully prevent the mutilation or destruction of a work that is publicly visible.
    • With the exception of a small number of countries which still require notices to be on works, this requirement is generally optional except for works which were originally created before the particular country became a member of the Berne Convention (the members of which are collectively known as the Berne Union).

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